Formolene® Polypropylene Resins


Formosa utilizes a unique combination of world-class process technologies to produce a wide range of polypropylene resins including custom homopolymers, impact copolymers, random copolymers and thermoplastic olefins (TPOs). Our Formolene® resin products range from semi-rigid, extremely tough, elastomeric materials to very rigid grades that can withstand severe environments. Formosa offers resins for caps and closures, appliances, automobiles/trucks, furniture, housewares, packaging, films and fibers -- all designed for easy processing, durability and chemical resistance.

From custom product development to sales, delivery and technical support, every aspect of our growing polypropylene business is focused on meeting our customers' needs.

Products, Properties and Descriptions/Applications

You can view a complete list of our Formolene® polypropylene resins, sorted by resin type:

Processing Guides

Our polypropylene processing guides provide convenient tools for choosing, and using, the resin grade that's most suitable for your specific application.

Market Brochures and Product Awareness Sheets

Caps and Closures Market Rigid Packaging - Thermoforming Market Automotive Programs Automotive Approval List
Formolene(r) Polypropylene for Caps and Closures Market Formolene(r) Polypropylene for Thermoformed Packaging Formolene(r) Polypropylene for Automotive Programs List of Automotive Approvals

Consumer Programs

Compilation of Resins and Applications

Formolene® 5143S for Thermoformed Packaging

Random Copolymers for Clear Packaging

Formolene(r) Polypropylene for Consumer Programs Formolene(r) Polypropylene - Resins And Applications Formolene(r) Polypropylene - 5143S High Stiffness Homopolymer Polypropylene Random Copolymers for Packaging Components


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From custom product development to sales, delivery, and technical support, every aspect of our growing polypropylene business is focused on meeting, and anticipating, our customers’ needs.