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+ product sales and general corporate inquiries: contact the functional contact indicated in the first list provided below.

+ location/site-specific inquiries: see our list of location contact addresses and telephone numbers provided further down on the page.

+ problems with accessing the MyFormosa - Customers or My-Formosa Supplier Internet Bidding portals, please inform the appropriate contact indicated at the bottom of this page.

Product Sales Inquiries
General Corporate Inquiries

Formolene®  Polypropylene
  (888) 372-8723 - option "1"

Formolene® Polyethylene
  (888) 372-8723 - option "1"

Formolon® Suspension PVC
  (888) 372-8723 - option "2", "1"

Formolon® Dispersion (Specialty) PVC

  (888) 372-8723 - option "2", "2"

Chlor-Alkali (Caustic Soda, EDC & HCL)
  (888) 372-8723 - option "3"

  Main (NJ) Reception Desk
  (973) 992-2090

  Environment, Health and Safety
   (888) 664-4040

  Media/Press Inquiries

  Career Opportunities
   Contact the appropriate facility
   location listed below or view
   the Careers section
   of this website.

Location/Site Inquiries

Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A.
9 Peach Tree Hill Road
Livingston, NJ  07039-5702
(973) 992-2090

Formosa Plastics Corporation, Louisiana
P.O. Box 271
Baton Rouge, LA  70821
Gulf States Road
Baton Rouge, LA  70805
(225) 356-3341

Formosa Plastics Corporation, Texas
P.O. Box 700
201 Formosa Drive
Point Comfort, TX  77978
(361) 987-7000

Formosa Hydrocarbons Company, Inc. and
Lavaca Pipe Line Company

P.O. Box 769
103 Fannin Road
Point Comfort, TX  77978
(361) 987-8900

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